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14.12.2012 (ver 1.7.145)

  1. display of meta tags in audio files
  2. better support for HLS m3u8 files
  3. VobSub/PGS subtitles are now scaled
  4. better support for more than one SD card/storage
  5. fixed seeking issues in files larger than 4GB
  6. added/updated translations for: French, Czech, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Dutch, Slovenian, Turkish, Ukrainian languages
  7. some other bug fixes and improvements

20.11.2012 (ver 1.6.142)

  1. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean support
  2. all codecs are now integrated, no need for additional packages anymore
  3. user definable audio pre-amp to 500%
  4. fixed seeking in TS files
  5. fixed double speed bug in some avi files
  6. when played from File manager and LAN, video ended 10 sec too early, fixed
  7. added option to set timeout for WiFi/LAN operations
  8. support for embedded VobSub/DVD and PGS subtitles
  9. added option to set number of recently and most played items
  10. fixed garbled audio with some files
  11. file opening can now be aborted
  12. added option to set timeout when to hide controls
  13. some improvements with audio streams switching
  14. fixed '\n' parsing problem in SSA subtiles
  15. translated into Dutch, Romanian, Slovenian, French languages

26.9.2012 (ver 1.5.136)

  1. workaround/fixed bug that was causing ANR (Application Not Responding) in some cases, when streaming from some media servers (Nexus Media Importer, BubbleUPnP...)
  2. context menu in Library was not always displayed, fixed
  3. added option to delete Play Queue
  4. updated YouTube streams format


  1. fix % for LAN mode
  2. regression fix, adding more than 20 files caused crash, if after adding folder was changed and new files were added from new folder
  3. when not supported decoding is detected for subtitles it now switches to default
  4. added option to remember audio offset also increased offset limit to 3 sec
  5. if only 1 online sub is found dialog will not be shown
  6. playback speed display is now properly updated when switching from pop up window
  7. media scanner will now ignore folders wth ".nomedia"
  8. Open URL will now also open playlists (m3u,pls) also fixed opening playlist from browser
  9. fixed display of playback speed
  10. added .txt extension for subtitles
  11. changed bug reporting